Before idols and artists can start promoting their music videos on broadcasting stations they need to get reviewed by them first and sometimes this results in them getting banned.

Broadcasting stations
KBS – Music Bank
SBS – The Show & Inkigayo
MBC – Show Champion & Show! music Core
Mnet – M Countdown
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF)

KBS is more strict since they’re not cable television
The “Ministry of Gender Equality and Family” can also ban music videos if they feel it will have negative influence on the viewers.


When music videos get banned it simply means you can’t promote that music video on TV.

Companies can re-edit and resubmit music videos to broadcastings station and if they get accepted broadcasting stations will play the edited version on tv.

Music videos that get banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) can’t be aired on TV before 10 p.m.


Violence: influence young viewers
Nudity & sexual content: not viewed as family friendly
Tattoo: Tattoo is a taboo in Korea , while it has become much more accepting especially towards younger generations, idols are still expected to cover up their tattoos on broadcasting stations.
Dying hair: similar to the reason for banning tattoo, back in 1999 S.E.S were banned for their blonde hair which was taboo back then. In 2012 F.cuz was banned for dyed hair as a student, students aren’t allowed to dye their hair so having it in music videos might encourage students to do the same.
Long ending credits: ending credit aren’t part of the music and can sometimes run for a long time which delays the next song coming up.
Road traffic violations: breaking the law on music video is enough to have it banned such as not wearing belt; dancing or running on the road
Substance abuse: broadcasting station think it will encourage others to do the same Indirect advertisement: when music videos have indirect advertisement they are essentially free promos for the brand product, broadcasting stations don’t get paid by these advertisement companies so they don’t want to give them free promotions.


Nature – Girls (2020)
Banned by: Mnet
Reason: graphic content  such as sticking dolls with scissors.

Jo Jung Min – Ready Q (2019)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: sensationalism.

Kim Dong Han – Focus (2019)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: brand label exposure

Park Bom – 4:44 (2019)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: violating traffic laws for jaywalking in a tunnel

BLACKPINK – Kill This Love (2019)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: violation of traffic laws for not wearing seatbelt and running on the road

Kang Seung Yoon – You Are Heaven (2019)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: sexually suggestive content and the promotion of violence.

Holland – Neverland (2018)
Reason: kiss scene between two boys.

Minho – ‘Fiancé (2018)
Banned by: Mnet
Reason: scene including Minho dancing with female dancer was Deem as sexually provocative

Shannon – love don’t hurt (2017)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Imagery of nudity, tattoos, and smoking.

Jay park – Momme (2015)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Mature content

Norazo – Your Fortune (2015)
Reason: themes of hypnotism and over-exposure of tattoos.

Jay Park – You Know (2015)
Reason: mature content. Slammed with 19+ rating which means it was banned for minors.

Orange Caramel – Catellena (12 March 2014)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: “disregarding human life” by having the members are trapped in plastic and dressed as sushi.

Park Ji Yoon – Beep (18 feb 2014)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: “excessive” ending credits which was later edited out.

M.O.A – I’ll Call Ya (2014)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Poor video quality

Stellar – Marionette (2014)
Banned by:KBS
Reason: explicit dance moves & imagery.

Gary – shower later (2014)
Banned by: KBS, MBC & SBS
Reason: Mature & provocative content.

Gary – Zotto Molla (2014)
Banned by: KBS & SBS
Reason: Mature & provocative content.

PSY – Gentleman (2013)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: showing destruction of public property by kicking a traffic cone

Lee hyori – Bad Girls (2013)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Problematic scenes including a student using a slingshot and a teacher who sexually assaults the students.

F.cuz – Dreaming I (2012)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Rebellious plot such as skipping class and dying hair as a student

Mad Soul Child – Breath ( 2012)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: sexual content and use of violence.

Yoo Seung Chan – Chemistry (2012)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Road Traffic Law violations. Running on the road:

Dal Shabet – Hit U (2012)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: use of violence, sexual imagery

Buga Kingz – Don’t Go (2012)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: use of violence.

Orange Caramel – Bangkok City (2012)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: sexually suggestive outfits. The ban was later lifted

Hyuna – Ice Cream (2012)
Reason: a different version the music video was submitted to broadcasting station but it was still banned because her eyes were too promiscuous.

Bang Yong Guk – I Remember (2011)
Banned by:KBS
Reason: violence

TVXQ – Before U Go (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: promoting violence and gambling.

Stellar – Rocket Girl (2011)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: fighting scenes and scenes were the members were wearing outfits that was deemed sexually suggestive. This was later edited out and passed KBS’ second trial.

Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy (2011)
Reason: Encouraging crime & violence

AB – Slip (2011)
Banned by: KBS, SBS & MBC
Reason: inappropriate scenes like nude shots of her back and dances that were sexually suggestive

Sunny Hill – Pray (2011)
Banned by: KBS & MBC
Reason: dark and gore theme.

DJ DOC – Joy and Pain (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: violent content

MBLAQ – Again (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: expressions of violence

4Minute – Heart To Heart (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: ‘offensive businesses.’ Scenes that include clubbing.

W&Whale – Break It Down (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: violence portrayed in the music videos.

Han Seungyeon – Because of Love (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: violence portrayed in their music videos.

Defconn – First Classic (2011)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: scene of “hazardous substances”

Lee Hyori’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2010)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: road traffic violations such as driving a truck without wearing a seat belt and dancing on the road

SISTAR – How Dare You (2010)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: pole dance was deemed inappropriate.

T.O.P – Turn It Up (2010)
Banned by: MBC
Reason: indirect advertisement of brand

G-Dragon – She’s Gone (2010)
Reason: violence and gore

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra (2010)
Banned by: MOGEF
Reason: references of BDSM and other sexual acts, including an implied lesbian kiss.

Rain – Love Song (2010)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: violation of traffic laws for running on the road.

Foxy – Why Are You Doing This To Me? (2010)
Banned by: KBS, SBS & MBC
Reason: being “over-the-top” and very inappropriate.

PSY & Kim Jang Hoon – Ring For Me Once Again (2010)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: Road Traffic Law violations

KARA –  We’re With You gets (2010)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: KARA’s “We’re With You” is World Cup song & was used as background music for SBS’s World Cup campaign page. This is considered advertisement Which is why it was banned by KBS.

Ajoo – Wealthy 2nd Generation (2009)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: promoting over overindulgence & a materialist lifestyles.

Ivy – Touch Me (2009)
Reason: sexual and adult reference.

Top.AZ – Can’t You Trust Noona (2009)
Banned by: KBS
Reason: revealing lingerie outfits. According to the company their outfits were inspired by what upper-class women in the French Middle Ages wore

Chaeyeon – Shake (2009)
Banned by: KBS, SBS & MBC
Reason: mature content.

Chaeyeon – Two of Us (2004)
Reason: deemed too racy.

S.E.S – Love (1999)
Banned by: KBS & SBS
Reason: Members dyed their hair blonde.