People shouldn’t shower hate on Kaachi.

If you ask any kpop stan about Kaachi, They will respond with a negative face. They might be koreaboos or whatever and they might lack skills to call themselves a kpop group but their appreciation towards kpop is genuine. Many things about Kaachi are fake which are made by haters so more people hate them

1. They are not labelmates with Oli. Oli owns his own company.
2. Their fandom name is not koochie. They have not even announced one yet.
3. None of the members ships themselves with any idol.
4. They did not bully Jennie. It was some idiot behind the camera.
5. They didn’t hate on BangChan.
6. That album announcement where they replaced BTS’s songs with their opposite. That is fake. They never announced a comeback.

We shouldn’t hate on the girls. They are enjoying what they are doing and they will do what they love. Even though they might lack in skill they still enjoy what they are doing. Stop hating on them. Hating on them means hating on a kpop stan. You wouldn’t like that would you?
Submitted by: Sarah Anderson

Some national groups need more attention

When I say national groups, I am talking about groups like groups like April, Fromis_9, Weki Meki, DIA, Cignature, Dreamcatcher, and other groups that don’t get much international attention. These groups really work hard to debut and regardless of their small companies, they are as talented as international groups. It even hurts me that there’s a lot of national groups who debuted quite a few years ago and don’t even get their first win. I’m not saying that they are more talented and deserve more than international groups, but I’m saying that they should get the equal amount of attention as International groups.
Submitted by: anonymous