TXT are currently the most innovative group.

First of all, they try really many genres and types of music. Many songs have deep lyrics that refer to something, and boys also often take part in song production. All members are all-rounders and have wonderful personalities.
Submitted by: Isaiah

people should stop using shownu from monsta x for his body

Shownu’s body is great not gonna lie.But people now only care about shownu’s body,while they should be knowing him for how nice,caring,and for how funny he is.That also happend with wonho people mostly knew him for having abs wonho was really cute and nothing like what he seemed like on stage.What i’m saying people need to stop only caring about his body and not him.
Submitted by: moncarat

Aegyo is cringey

I don’t think aegyo is cute in any sort of way, I dunno I feel like I suffer from secondhand embarrassment from it. I understand some people are naturally cute and it’s certainly their charm but when it’s forced upon grown men and women, I just don’t vibe with it.
Submitted by: Chan

Idols dating

Ok lemme just say








DATE. Especially how sasaengs still think they have hope with their “oppas” and “noonas” it’s not healthy to prevent them from having a normal life. That includes a love life. Especially with the Chen situation, how could they be mad at the guy for living a life most people have? It’s like asking you not to live properly. It also is something that gives them an unhealthy mindset that is “if they’re single I still have a chance.” LIKE NO! The fans and idol relationship seems to be very artificial sometimes I dunno it might just be me. Plus E-Dawn and HyunA are a power couple omfg. So please they’re cute and if u wanna see ur idols truly be happy let them live.