Iz*one is average

Iz*one is just like any average group. It’s all stuff we have seen before. Their performances, singing, and dancing are all just so boring cause we have seen that.
Submitted by: Amra Ali

Old K-Pop

kpop just isn’t the same, 2018 was THATTTTT year we were served breakfast lunch and dinner.
Submitted by: Jennie

Blackpink are models?

I don’t agree with Blackpink’s concept “there’s more to a girl than being pretty.” If you really thought that YG, then why do these girls have more modeling and brand deals than they do actual songs?
Submitted by: Kendel

BlackPink is overdoing it

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s YG’s fault but for the concept photos for HYLT, it seems overwhelming and much considering it’s just for a single-
Submitted by: anonymous