All blackpink members are amazing dancers!

Some people are always so focused on Lisa’s dancing because she’s the main dancer that they don’t see the other are good too! I think they are all good at dancing, singing, rapping… I don’t understand why people forget about Rosé, jisoo and Jennie’s dancing!
Submitted by: Lala

Jisoo from BLACKPINK deserves better.

We all know Jisoo. A talented KPOP artist , a member of the group BLACKPINK. She is a lead singer, and the visual of the group. But in fact , she is getting mistreated by YG. She is the visual of the group , but gets the lowest screen time in all the music videos. How is that even possible? Where’s the logic ?! She doesn’t get the attention that she deserves . She is even the member who doesn’t even sing that much. She is the lead singer, but doesn’t even sing that many words that a lead singer should . We all are waiting for their comeback , and hope that Jisoo gets the hype she deserves. But , good news. Jisoo is starting to trend worldwide. In my opinion , Jisoo deserves better. I don’t truly think that is an unpopular opinion , but we will see. Treat Jisso as the lead singer , with an unique voice, and as a visual.
Submitted by: Nessa

Blackpink is NOT overrated

My unpopular/is getting popular opinion is that Blackpink isn’t overrated, all the girls are talented, it’s just that they have sucky managers.
Submitted by: Chey