Hwasa’s popularity

Many people only focus on Hwasa as an individual and forgets she is a memeber of MAMAMOO and she wouldn’t be successful as a solo without them.
Submitted by: Saara

The world was not ready for X1

I will always think that X1 was the rookie of the year (2019) and that they deserved more, despite debuting under a controversy (of which they were victims) they achieved in a few months things that other groups took years, even debuted in the largest stadium in Korea and managed to fill all the seats, but there are people who don’t accept it just out of envy or because they hate X1 for some reason

Submitted by: teffi

Don’t come at me

ATEEZ should’ve won the rookie award not TXT don’t get me wrong both groups are very talented i just think ATEEZ deserved it more than TXT.
Submitted by: Boop

Chenle’s underrated

Ok imma be blunt, Chenle is one of the most underrated members of nct. Along with Renjun. I feel like more people are familiar with his “rich boy” side and his dolphin laugh rather than his caring and sweet side. This boy is so frickin talented oml I mean AHHHHH I can’t put it into words. Anyways stan NCT stan Chenle.
Submitted by: Soph

AISHA has a BAD voice

I don’t like Aishas (Everglow) voice. It’s too Nasally for me.
Submitted by: Sofia

Unstanning a group cause they got popluar is dumb

I don’t understand people who unstan a group cause they got popluar I have seen quite a few people who unstanned bts cause they got popluar like seriously what kind of reason is that some people start unstanning popluar groups and and start stanning underrated groups cause “it’s better” like the groups they call underrated groups somehow people still know them.
Submitted by: Rain