I think it’s fair to say that views do matter. I’m not saying it as if X group has more views than Y group then they are better. What I want to say is that views can help groups be more known, you’re more likely to watch a music video with 5m views than one that has 200k. And I support streaming (as long as it’s done in a healthy way) until it’s no longer needed. But then come certain toxic people in bigger fandoms that literally breath, eat and sleep streaming, force other people in the fandom to stream and if they don’t they are not real fans. People that do this are never satisfied and always want more. Bigger groups do not need streaming, they’ll get there at it’s own pace because they already have a lot of supporters. Reasonable people are tired of scrolling to the comment section and seeing comments mostly about views instead of the music video. I don’t think the idols would be as happy if the views didn’t came in a normal way rather it feels like cheating to get to the top since the people that watch the video a thousand times instead of a thousand people watching it once

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