I find that many people do not appreciate Nayeon’s vocal ability to full extent. Twice listeners and followers are saying that Jeongyeon should be main vocalist as Jihyo. However, from my observation, Jeongyeon has little vocal versatility, but very strong and stable voice(same as Jihyo). Only one difference of Jihyo and Jeongyeon is that Jihyo’s voice suits to Twice concept, while Jeongyeon’s not.

If we talk about Nayeon, she has good vocal versatility, she is stable and has strong vocal(but not same as Jihyo). Nayeon’s vocal range suits to Twice concept. She put so much effort for hidden vocals(for example, What is Love?, Fancy and etc.), reaching high notes (dance the night away),sing in falsetto(melting). 

I guess people don’t want to see her as main vocalist, because as soon as she gets that position, she will get more line in the songs. Onces are scared that she will shadow others(but I think that will never happen).

I’m not saying that Jeongyeon doesn’t deserve that position. What I’m saying is that if you are supporting Jeongyeon about getting main vocal position, then you should support Nayeon too, because she has main vocal material.
Submitted by: kimchi nariran