I feel like pledis aren’t really taking care of their groups. I’m not trying to offend anyone but that’s my opinion. Like seventeen and nues’t are so underrated.
Submitted by: JADEN NARVIOS

What happened to WayV? 

I feel like WayV is so underrated and they should be given more attention. I honestly think that the newest members like Xiao Jun, Hendery and YangYang should have a song in NCTU also. NCTU should be brought again, this time with the new members too. 
WayV deserves just as much love as NCT dream and NCT 127 in my opinion. Submitted by: JADEN NARVIOS

BlackPink’s Best Song

In my opinion Kill This Love is BlackPink’s best song. Even before I was a Blink, this got so stuck in my head. I’ve never understood why people say that it sounds rushed or unfinished. Everything about the song is amazing to me. Plus I really needed Jennie and Lisa’s English rap in my life.
Submitted by: Alysa

Moonbyul is the most underrated rapper









Seriously, she is the most perfect idol for me, she can rap, sing, dance AND she is such a visual. Honestly people prefer Jennie and Soyeon’s raps but I think they are out of their minds, listen to Moonbyul once and you’ll absolutely fall in love with her
Submitted by: Umaira/ Moonbyul is my obsession

Male idols aren’t priviledged over female idols

In a lot of cases, we can see that a lot of people tend to to say that male idols have more recognitions over female , for example when it comes to choreography , people just don’t want to admit that males and females idols don’t have the same level of difficulty. 

Even though women can have a lot of difficult moves, men have a lot of harder dance moves
Submitted by: Cheetah zone