I don’t like the new generation songs

I really don’t like any of the new generation of kpop’s music. It all feels like a lot of noise and flashy lights and is all performance based. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing this types of performances during award shows, but all these elaborate performances over and over again take away a lot the other aspects. I miss the 2nd even 1st gen kpop where you just had sing and have charisma rather than make sure you hit every dance move preciously.
Submitted by: bea

Kpop visual 

If a person’s positions are visual and sub vocal, dance or rap then said person is not qualified to be in the group. They should at least be an average vocalist,dancer or rapper. They should at least have average talent. Putting someone in a group just for visuals and nothing else is absurd.
Submitted by: Mano

I don’t like mixed vibe in a song

It’s annoys me when a song starts with a girl crush vibe but then the chorus is cute like ITZY song for example.
Submitted by: Swirl

Training to be a visual 

Imagine training for 3 to 5 years and then being named a visual. All the hard work you’ve put in to perfect dancing and singing just down the drain and your know just known for being the visual. I don’t think the position should exist.
Submitted by: Manaal

Signal hate 

Signal from Twice doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. I get that a lot of people were tired of the cute concept from twice but the song is really amazing and Jihyo’s and Tzuyu’s parts were amazing. The chorus was catchy and the mv was nice and colourful. It was the song that brought me into Kpop. Submitted by: Moon

I didn’t like CLC’s la vie en rose

I think that cube did a good job giving la vie en rose to IZ*ONE, yes I was disappointed that their comeback was delayed but overall I just think that the CLC version was a bit messy and all over the place whereas IZ*ONE’s version was better arranged in my opinion, no tea no shade no pink lemonade…
Submitted by: Raneem Ramadan

Award shows have no purpose

Of course award shows show the popularity of a group but they are both rigged and causes problems, for example Pentagon has topped charts over and over again yet out of the 4 years they have been together they have never gotten a award show win. Not just from me being a universe but who doesn’t know or like Shine? Award shows have also been causing problems like fan wars and fans getting mad that a group they don’t like won an award that their favorites were nominated for, then starting drama with a fandom.
Submitted by: Shannon