Itzy’s I love myself 

I think that Itzy’s whole ‘I want to me be’ ‘I love myself’ concept is getting a bit old.
Submitted by: emm

Itzy isn’t special 

I don’t see what’s so special about Itzy. For me they’re the walking example of big 3 privilige. If they debuted under a smaller company, they wouldn’t have gotten so many wins and their funky/I love myself concept would get old real quick. Don’t get me wrong, I support them because they’re teenagers making their dreams come true but I can’t help but think of all the other groups who have to work 10 times harder to be recognized and to have a fanbase. 
Submitted by: merel

ITZY aren’t different 

I really don’t consider ITZY to be different, don’t get me wrong but JPY just took BTS and BlackPink’s style, mixed it together. It’s not special or something, I don’t get the hype surrounding ITZY, if they weren’t from JYP then they’d literally be unknown.
Submitted by: Charlie