kpop fans throw the word “overrated/overhyped” too often and need to actually use it correctly.  They also throw “koreaboo” around too lightly. 

I’m going to be talking about Blackpink. I think in no way are they overrated, as they frankly deserve whatever wins they get, they were a trainee too with the exact same dream and they’re just living it out. I think that’s completely fine and I’m honestly happy for them. But it’s just been planted too loosely on their name with little understanding (same with BTS, and a majority of big three groups). I do think that they are overhyped, however, this is mostly the fandom’s fault in which they’re simply happy for music content from blackpink. and that’s fine. that’s completely fine, with a big fanbase, everyone getting excited is also going to look that way. If you still think blackpink is overrated, that’s completely fine, and as long as you aren’t bashing everything they do because of that, it’s fine. 
Submitted by: urawkward_pretense