Normally I wouldn’t do this type of thing but I felt like there are some people who feel the same way I do about this topic but were too scared to say anything out of fear for the fanbase.

In my opinion, BTS was better (as a whole) before they blew up during their DNA comeback. 

I don’t mean in anyway that they are talentless because if they had no talent they wouldn’t have come this far. But with gaining so much fame in a little amount of time comes with consequences. 

My first topic: their music. Before DNA, BTS made fairly good music. Don’t get me wrong, that era had some good bops, but afterward their music started to sound more western and started blending in with western pop standards and it got boring. Idol is probably one of my least favorite songs along with Mic Drop and a few others that were recently released. I am in no way saying that they sound bad and deserve less recognition, but they just started to blend together and sound the same. Before, BTS’ songs were quite distinct in their sound and meaning. I still bop out to Dope and I Need U in the shower. They have very unique sounds and was one of the reasons I stanned BTS.

Now on to my next and last topic: Their fanbase. With being such a popular international group on the rise, BTS started gaining fans quick. But in the way I see it, their fanbase has only managed to become more toxic as some people are only stanning them to jump on a bandwagon. I remember once on stan twitter I was talking to a fellow BTS stan. I couldn’t tell at first that she was a kpop fan at all, as her account looked normal to me. And then (I don’t remember the circumstances, this was a while back) we had a conversation and BTS was brought up and I asked her, “Oh, you like kpop, too?” and still to this day makes me mad what she said. “No, just BTS.” Like come on. I understand solo stanning but how are you going to listen to a kpop group but say you don’t like kpop? Besides that, ARMY’s are just toxic in general. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are pretty nice, but the only ones that aren’t toxic are the one’s that are multi-stans which is disappointing if you ask me. 

That’s all of the unpopular opinions I have as of right now. Remember to stay hydrated and healthy and stay inside!! 
Submitted by: Emily