BlackPink hype 

I think BlackPink is losing their success. I think they are getting hyped more than being successful artists (musicians?). I think now majority of the blinks are solo stans and they want more models than albums. Blinks asks solo activities as such as brand deals, magazine covers, solo debuts more than their musical activities. I know there’s a lot of people asks god damn album but there’s a solo stans who wants more magazine shoots. I know people asks album. As times goes by I think BlackPink will lose their idol name… and their hype. 

As you know success and hype is different… 
Submitted by: worried blink

Blackpink’s Popularity

I dont think blackpink should be the #1 basic female k-pop group. What I mean is, when getting into kpop in general, you cannot go without hearing about this group, but in my opinion it should be another girl group. This is cause this gives YG more money, and we all already know that is not good. The more people watch these girls, the more money YG makes. And the people who are just getting into k-pop don’t know that, and getting these new stans into the whole mess might just change their mind about k-pop, since blackpink is one of the reps of k-pop. Also, to me, anyone is entitiled to their opinion, but I believe that they do not dance very well. Now I cannot dance very well either, but I believe within 4-5 years of training (the amount of training the members went through), I could improve. But they just do simple dance moves which are easy to learn, and repeat dance moves as well – and they makes tons and tons of money. But there are literally k-pop idols out there who work very hard for their dances – I’m not saying they dont work hard – but I believe they can do better with the amount of training they’ve had. I just feel like other groups deserve the spotlight because some of them have pretty difficult choreos or dance moves, (ex. boa – woman, a member literally walks upside down) and yet they do not get any attention, but a group who uses the same dance moves over and over does. One last reason – this kinda has to do with my first reason about YG – they literally ignore Jisoo. Now I dont stan blackpink, but this woman has amazing vocals. But YG literally ignores her – in this example right here – in their most RECENT song, “Kill This Love”, the center distribution goes, Lisa = 44.8%, Rose = 31%, Jennie = 18.9%, and Jisoo = 5.3% !! 5 percent, out of 100! There are also times in choreos where the other group mates literally cover her while dancing so you cannot see her – and it’s not the members fault, it was just what they were told to dance to. And because they’re the #1 basic female kpop group, they make a lot of money. They are basically being paid tons of money to ignore and neglect someone with talent and skill. It’s not right.
Submitted by: Riri