29th October 2019

Jung da eun posted an Instagram photo of wonho with the caption 

Hoseok, when are you going to pay me back my money?

She also commented, 
It annoys me after seeing him on TV. As soon as I find out his number, he disappears.

Han Seo Hee commented that Wonho owes her 30 million won (~$26,000 USD) from about 6 years ago.

Starship responded with 
“After confirming the details, we found that it isn’t true at all. We don’t feel the need to respond to her claims.”

30th October 2019

Jung Da Eun recently shared a chat log between herself and Wonho’s lawyer. She revealed that Wonho supposedly stole from her.

“He thinks paying me back 2 million won (~$1700 USD) settles it? I’m speechless. We lived in Yeoksam-dong together before, and we were supposed to split the rent 50/50, but Shin Hoseok didn’t pay his part, so my 10 million won (~$8500 USD) got taken. He also stole all my stuff and sold them online, and he borrowed 3 million won (~$2500 USD) and 5 million won (~$4200 USD) at a time and promised to pay me back. And until 2016, he used the excuse of his balance not being settled at his agency, and when I asked him to pay me back in late 2016, he said his daily spending limit was 1 million won (~$855 USD) so he just sent me that amount for two days.”  – Jung Da Eun

Jung Da Eun later to tweeted
“I know exactly what you did in 2008 — that aggravated theft charge at Suwon Detention Centre.”

“I haven’t even gotten started yet. Isn’t [time at] juvenile detention center not a criminal history?”

Starship Entertainment released another statement 
“We plan on submitted a complaint [against Jung Da Eun] through our legal counsel.

We will release our official position on this case as soon as possible.”

31st October 2019

Both Starship Entertainment and Wonho announced that he will be withdrawing from MONSTA X. 

The hashtag #원호탈퇴반대 (Opposing Withdrawal of Wonho) trended on Twitter at number 2 in Korea.

MONBEBEs started a petition to keep him in the group.

Jung Da Eun Posting a (now deleted)picture of Bart Simpson and captioned

his [Wonho] life was already destroyed by himself wayyyyyyyy long ago and please shut the f*ck up if you aint gonna pay me back for him”

Netizens accused Jung Da Eun of driving illegally as a minor without a license to which Han Seo Hee responded with 

 “Yeah, but do you know that both [Wonho] and [Jung Da Eun] didn’t have driver’s licenses? What can you do now? [Wonho] is a murderer in training too.”

Han Seo Hee captioned an instagram post with
“Hey~~~! Even if you leave, you need to pay back Da Eun~~!!! Cough up the money, you bastard.”

Dispatch has reported that Wonho and Jung Da Eun smoked marijuana together in October 2013, and they were caught by “Jo“, a former Burning Sun director and MD.

“In October 2013, Wonho and Jung Da Eun smoked marijuana while I was in the closet.
I was looking for a Balmain belt in the closet. At that time, someone came into the house. Da Eun and some guy came in. Da Eun called that guy ‘Ho Seok’.”
— Jo

“We met at a cafe near my house. Wonho took out a zipper bag and showed it to me. There was marijuana in it…We went home.
I asked him where he got it from, but he said it was a secret. But I guessed the person that sold it to him…Yes, it’s true. I smoked marijuana with him. But that’s the truth. It’s also right that Jo was in the closet and heard it.” 
— Jung Da Eun

In late September, 2019, One drug investigation team was waiting for him at Incheon International Airport. They took a hair sample from him to conduct a drug test.

14th September 2020

After 5 months of intensive investigations by the Seoul Drug Investigative Team, Wonho’s cases were dismissed after the police couldn’t find substantial evidence against him.