Day by day more information about the dirty side of Kpop is being revealed and more idols are getting exposed. The ‘burning sun’ scandals are far more than Kpop; it’s about people in power. 

There’ve been many times where female idols and groups have tried to warn people about how dirty many idols are. Here are a few stories they’ve shared. 

Girls’ generation Taeyeon 

Show: Strong heart episode 12 

Year: 2009

On the show, strong heart, Taeyeon revealed that since her two year debut, around 40 male celebs have showed an interest in her. However, among those people, one of them gave her a lot of stress and pressure. This is what she said:

“Last year around this time, there was a bad memory… When I was practising there was a phone call. It was from an unknown number. I thought it was a prank call, so I didn’t call back to confirm. Then a text message came, saying it’s “____oppa”

The host, Lee Seung Gi, asked “a celebrity everyone would know by just saying the name” which taeyeon then confirmed “yes”.

Continuing on with her story, she said:

“Yes, I wasn’t that caring, then another message came. I was curious so I called back. I didn’t use my phone, I used the company phone to call back.”

She wasn’t sure if it was still a a prank.

“After calling through, I found out it was a famous celebrity. But the way this person talks, it really made me upset.”

The famous celeb told her “ I am so and so, I somehow got your number. So it won’t be inconvenient if I call you right?”

He was a senior and was a lot older then her so Taeyeon answered politely “It’s fine, I don’t mind.” 

However he kept calling her over and over again saying things like:

 “I would buy ice cream for you, when do you want to meet?” 

Taeyeon even jokily compared it to kidnapping. She felt more irritated by the fact that, late at night, when he’s drunk, he would call her.

The final straw for Taeyeon was when he said “From the people around you, I understand you better. I know the people around you well.” 

Hearing that really upset Taeyeon, she said:

“To me, he was really a respectable Sunbae (senior), but I was so angry at that time. At that moment, I couldn’t take it anymore and I only saw him only as another person. So, after, Bang! I shouted it out…what in the world are you doing? It affected my personal life, so I was really angry. So I said, stop talking to me, no point keeping in touch, I got to go. After that I hung up.”

This troubled her so much that she told the other members. They were furious and demanded her to stop all contact with him. 

The story doesn’t end here.

After a few days, She received a text: “You are probably still continuing as a celebrity, don’t you think it’s inappropriate to hang up on me?”

Because he’s a senior in the industry, he thinks he can intimidate and threaten her. Taeyeon never replied and made it clear that she never even met him before.

Danny Ahn, who was also a guest for that episode, said: “In my opinion, if it wasn’t Taeyeon, he may have bothered others as well. I think that it’s a bad habit.”

Nine Muses Kyungri

Show: Happy Together

Year: 2016

Kyungri is very popular among male celebrities. When asked if she gets approached by other celebrities, she revealed that: “People don’t usually tell me directly…But I have been approached. Doesn’t everyone have an experience like that?”

“A guy asked my group member to introduce me to him. She asked me if I wanted to see him. I said no. I don’t know what made him overconfident, but he said, she rejected me?”  

What this really means is: “how dare she reject me?”.

She also added that not long after that incident the Male celeb was involved in a big scandal.

Interview: Dispatch

Year: 2017

In an interview with Dispatch, Kyungri revealed why she’ll never date an idol/celebrity. 

“There are a couple (celebrities who asked me out). But they’re not my type. Maybe it’s because they received so much love since they were young, but it seems like they don’t know how to love a woman. On the outside, they look well-balanced, but they’re either a new born baby or really sly.”


Show: Star Show 360

Year: 2016

On the show “star show 360”, Sistar warned Kim Sohye (member of I.O.I at the time) about men in the industry and gave her some advice.

Soyu and Hyorin: “Men, you have to be careful of men.” 

Bora: “When you’re a rookie, male seniors don’t leave you alone.  Not all seniors are nice people.”

Dasom: “Don’t date them.  The best thing is to just stay home.  I wish that you would just stay home.”  

Soyu continued, “Whether you’re a man or woman, you have to be careful of people. For example, if you get close to people who like to have fun, you keep falling deeper into that end.”

Brown Eyed Girls JeA

Show: Happy Together 

Year: 2016 

JeA appeared in the show ‘produce 101’. She revealed that during that time many guys contacted her, more often than before. 

“I got a lot of calls [from men] during ‘Produce 101.’ They would just call me out of nowhere and say stuff like, ‘I [like] Im Na Young.’ There were celebrities among them as well. Like, what do you want me to do about it?”

She continued, “They would ask me about [‘Produce 101′ contestants’] personalities and if they like grown men. I have no idea why they would ask me something like that. It’s not like they have a chance. And the age gap [between the guys and the ‘Produce 101’ contestants] was big, too.”